Ciudad de Salamanca - Información general sobre la ciudad de Salamanca (España) Salamanca, Spain - General information about the city

et to know Salamanca, one of the most beautiful, traditional university cities with the most monumental and artistic heritage in Europe. It has been a world heritage city since 1988, European capital of culture in 2002 and the city of Spanish for foreign students.

This site contains all the information necessary to come and move around Salamanca, whether you are coming from another place in Spain or from abroad: ways of access, accommodation, hotels in Salamanca, restaurants, pedestrian zones, cultural life, monuments, touristic itinerates, history, parties, rural routes, urban transport, practical details from day to day...

"Salamanca que enhechiza la voluntad de volver a ella
a todos los que de la apacibilidad de su vivienda han gustado"

Miguel de Cervantes in "El Licenciado Vidriera"

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