Todos los medios de transporte disponibles para llegar a Salamanca desde otro punto de España All the means of transport available to get to Salamanca from within Spain
Getting there / From within Spain

How to get to Salamanca from within Spain

Access via road to Salamanca is reasonably good, as it doesn´t matter where you´re travelling from within the peninsular, it´s easy to travel to the city with out any problems. For those coming from outside of Spain, principally the islands such as Mallorca and even from the far away provinces such as Malaga, there is a network of regular flights to the airport called Matacán which is just 15 kilometers from the city.

Address of Matacán airport:
Ctra. Madrid Km.14
37181 Salamanca (Salamanca)

Telephone number:
923 329 600

If you journey is from any other city in the peninsular, you can choose between these forms of transport:


If the journey is quite long, often the cheapest option is to go by coach.

The address of the bus station in Salamanca is:
Avenida de Filiberto Villalobos, nº 71
37007 Salamanca

Telephone number:
923 23 67 17


The train service connects most of the small towns with cities.
You must buy your ticket before hand to use this form of transport either at a ticket office, ticket machine or at the website: (
If you have a “youth card” ( -> address where you can find out about the conditions and advantages of the card) you will be able to get a discount when you buy the ticket.

The address of the train station in Salamanca is:
Paseo de La Estación, s/n
Salamanca 37004

Telephone number:
902 24 02 02 / 902 24 34 02

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