Las rutas turísticas más importantes de los alrededores de la ciudad The main touristic routes  around the city
Getting about / Rural tourism

Getting around the province: Rural Tourism

Here are the main touristic routes you can take that go around the city:

Las batuecas – Sierra de Francia

A monument of natural beauty and history, with hundreds of historical objects, fundamental parts of the century and even places to rest.
At the top of the Peña de Francia, you can see different historic parts of the city: Castañar Miranda, La Alberca, San Martin del Castañar, Sequeros, Mogarraz, etc...

Los Arribes del Duero

A really wonderful valley, where we can see various forms of species found in a natural environment with great biodiversity. In addition the weather is mild and warm due to its position between mountains.
This monument of beauty was declared Arribes del Duero Natural Park.

Sierra de Béjar

This place is special for anyone who wants to do any kind of adventure sport or simply for nature worshipers. Not only are its geographic features spectacular and are the main element of attraction but it also has a rich cuisine and the most varied festivals.
Just seeing the photo you realize that this landscape is a place that is impossible to miss, not only for its beautiful views but also for its hotels and that have high-quality entertainment.

Ciudad Rodrigo – Sierra de Gata

The landscape, the different types of ecological monuments and architecture in this area are the foundation of this place, making and forming a spectacular variation of objects, shapes, and historical figures.

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