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Transportation in Salamanca


There are 13 bus lines, including night buses that tour the city connecting different areas of Salamanca.
You'll find programs on most bus stops but the main lines have buses with a frequency of every 10-15 minutes.

Rates effective from 01/01/2012:

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Taking a taxi is not expensive in Salamanca, a trip around the city will cost around 4 € during the day and about 6 € per night.
It´s important to note that taxi drivers do not give change from 50 €, so make sure you have small notes before catching a taxi.
A Taxi telephone number: 923 25 00 00


For long trips, often the cheapest option is to go by coach.
The bus station in Salamanca is located at: Avenida de Filiberto Villalobos, 71, 37007 Salamanca.
Telephone number: 923 23 67 17 /

Car hire

Driving usually saves time and is a good means of transport to visit the city. Here is a list of different companies in Salamanca from where you can rent a car:

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