Las zonas de tapas y copas más destacadas de la noche salmantina The most popular places for tapas and drinks at night in Salamanca
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Going out in Salamanca

You can´t leave the city without having gone out for tapas.
By mid-morning or evening, there's always an excuse for a drink and try a good lid with friends. You can choose between cold meats, panceta, lomo, mince ... the list is endless.
Although you can get tapas in all areas of the city, there are two well known routes:

With the darkness, the villamayor stone of the monuments shines even more.
Take the opportunity to take a walk at night when the buildings are lit up.
The famous nightlife in Salamanca has something for everyone.
The city has more than two thousand bars where you will find all styles of music. It is worth paying a visit to admire the decor of the unique bars,clubs and pubs.
We have classified the clubs, pubs and bars into different zones:

Here' are some of the leading night clubs in Salamanca:

Gatsby eis one of the most popular among foreign students due to the music and the fact that it is located in the city centre, where most university students go out. In this club, there are two different atmospheres to choose from: the dance floor and the bar area. The music in Gatsby can be varied.
- Address: Bordadores, 4-16

Camelot is one of the most important clubs in the city. The place itself is very special because it was a convent which now retains a medieval atmosphere and where concerts can be seen.
- Address: Bordadores, 3

Kilmt Gallery eis another club in city where they both adolescents and older people go. They usually schedule House, Techno and Dance sessions. The decor is also medieval.
- Address: Iscar peyra, 30

Cum laude attracts young professionals and students and offers a unique atmosphere. The dance area is an imitation of the Plaza Mayor with the Villamayor sandstone.
- Address: Calle del Prior, 5

Café Moderno is well known to promote innovative cultural activities that are unconventional. Not only do they create their own cultural program, called El Gallo, but they offer original performances each week.
- Address: Gran Vía, 75

Birdland offers an excellent atmosphere. You can go for a coffee mid-afternoon but if you prefer live shows visit the premises after 23.30 and you can listen to good music.
- Address: Calle del Azafranal, 57

Café Corrillo Corrillo Café is a café-restaurant from 8:30 am until well past midnight when it becomes a meeting point for students, tourists, artists, musicians...
It is a place where you can have breakfast, coffee and snacks in the afternoon and in the evening there is a varied menu of cocktails and drinks along with music and exhibitions of paintings, prints and photography amongst other things.
This place also offers a restaurant with a special menu for dinner with a live jazz concert.
- Address: Calle de Meléndez, 18

Tío Vivo is a local bar that depends on the time you want enjoy your coffee, tea or cocktail. With Free-Wifi zone, comic theatre, music every Wednesdays and Thursdays and piano concerts every Tuesdays.
- Dirección: El Clavel, nº 3-5

If you follow this link you will find any cocktail bar, pub, pub or nightclub in Salamanca with the option to do a search, telling you the address where you are:

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