Listado de los museos, salas de exposciones y espectáculos en Salamanca A list of musuems, exhibitions rooms and shows in Salamanca
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The city has a continuous cultural program throughout the year.
The main institutions develop their own program where that is no lack of drama, music and exhibitions.
In addition to the monthly program, the city hosts numerous annual cycles and festivals.
For lovers of photography there is the International Photography Festival of Castilla y Leon Explorafoto and for Jazz fans there is jazz in the street, street theater and cinema cycles organized by the Regional Film Archive.
The nights of Fonseca and the Book Fair are also very well received by the public.
The International Arts Festival of Castilla y Leon is an essential appointment in the arts calendar, bringing together a wide range of culture and includes many shows which are reflective of current innovations, such as classic productions.

In the following links you can check the schedule of all shows that the city has on offer:


Exhibition Hall of Santo Domingo:

Unamuno exhibition Hall:

Exhibition Hall of Espacio Joven:

La salina exhibition Hall:

Casa de las Conchas:

Torre de los Anaya exhibition Hall:

Patio de Escuelas exhibition Hall:

Universidad Pontificia exhibition Hall:

San Eloy exhibition Hall:

Garcigrande exhibition Hall:

Centro Hispano Japonés exhibition Hall:

Casino de Salamanca exhibition Hall:

Capilla de Fonseca:

Palacio de Congresos:


Museo Casa Lis

The Art Nouveau and Art Déco Museum of Salamanca, located in a modernist mansion, displays collections of decorative arts from the Art Nouveau movement from the late nineteenth century until the First World War and the Art Deco period, the period between the wars.
Also on display are collections of porcelain dolls, one of the largest in the world.
You can see furniture, jewelry, fans, textiles, bronzes, porcelains, enamels and other collections that make the visit to the museum varied due to the tastes of bourgeois society at the time.
Two collections stand out for the quality and importance: the chryselephantine and glasses. The chryselephantine are small bronze ivory sculptures with an interesting marble and onyx base. The sample that the museum exhibits is the largest public collection in the world, both for their conservation status and by the rigor and quality of the selection.

Museum of Automotive History

The Museum of Automotive History of Salamanca is one of the attractions for the family, a unique place to visit if you come with children, a pilgrimage destination for fans of cars.
In the museum you will find the Gomez Iron Collection, with over one hundred vehicles restored and maintained by Demetrio Gomez Iron over four decades.
They have also added other collections, such as the Iveco historic centre - Pegasus or funds from the General Directorate of Traffic.
Located in the historic city on the banks of the river Tormes, the museum shows the aesthetic evolution of the automobile.
A permanent exhibition on display with vehicles allows you to follow automotive history from prehistory to the present day and sometimes into the future, thanks to the possible presence of prototypes.
Within the permanent exhibition the museum has unique pieces, for example works of art on wheels which Is the case of Hispano Suiza 20/30 HP, 1910, the only car in our country declared National Heritage.
A collection to enjoy, plunging into the automotive world through the stories that "the cars themselves will tell you"...

Museum of Commerce and Industry

The Museum of Commerce and Industry of Salamanca recovers and preserves the memory of the economic, industrial and commercial city and its province.
It is also the only museum of Castilla y León of these characteristics, which shows the ingenuity and initiative of entrepreneurs and those who want to share material evidence of trade and industry in Salamanca.
A museum dedicated to the past and future-oriented, equipped with the latest technologies and ready to accommodate new initiatives and content.

Domus Artium 2002: DA2

The old provincial jail has been rehabilitated to create an art centre for the appointment of Salamanca as European City of Culture for 2002.
The Domus Artium 2002 is recreated on the structure of the old prison and conceived as a platform for contemporary art. It´s nine thousand metres are distributed in different exhibition halls, workshops, lecture rooms, a library...
The frequent program, together with temporary exhibitions and other activities such as seminars, educational programs and conferences make the DA2 an inescapable cultural reference.
The art is offered in many disciplines in the centre, which offers very avant-garde proposals: photography, painting, collage, video, installations and performances.

Other museums

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