Listado de todas las bibliotecas públicas municipales en Salamanca List of all the public libraries in Salamanca
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Casa de las conchas library

The State Public Library in Salamanca is located in the building ´Casa de las Conchas´ since November 1993, when it opened. Although previously other libraries existed in Salamanca they were thought as, as precarious, inadequate facilities.
The previous library occupied one floor of a residential building where it was difficult to distinguish it from other residential buildings.
Therefore, the new library was presented to the public as something radically different and for many people in Salamanca; it was their first contact with the world of public libraries because unlike other cities, there wasn´t one before.

The public library, “Las Casas de Las Conchas” is situated in the historical centre of the city.

Torrente Ballester library

The municipal library "Torrente Ballester", is the result of an agreement between the City of Salamanca and the `Junta de Castilla y León`, which is the head of the Municipal Library Network of Salamanca.
The main purpose of this library is to become an area of information and documentation service and bibliographic as well as a recreational and cultural space.
The library has various sections: a section for adults, children, music, video library, local section, an exhibition hall and a theatre that serves as a space for multiple puposes.

The public library, “Torrente Ballester” is situated in the North of the city in the area of Garrido.

  • Address: Paseo Los Olivos, 10-22, 37005 Salamanca
  • Phone number: 923 28 20 69
  • Email:
  • Timetable:
      Monday-Friday 09:30 to 21:00
      Saturday 09:30 to 14:00

      Summer timetable (June 15 to September 15):
      Monday-Friday 09:30 to 14:00 and closed Saturday.

      Christmas time and Easter:
      Monday-Friday 09:30 to 14:00 and closed Saturday.

Gabriel y Galán library

Gabriel y Galán Library opened in 1987 as a Municipal Public Library with the aim of providing an information service and public reading of the city.
In 1998 it became part of the Municipal Public Library Network whose head is the Library Torrente Ballester.

The public library, "Torrente Ballester" is situated in the centre of the city.

Centro Cultural Miraltormes library

The Miraltormes Cultural Library Centre gives you the possibility of finding a nice space with two distinct sections, one for children, for children between 5 and 14 years, and one for adults.
You can consult books, newspapers and magazines, you can take books home and participate in the activities organised by the library (storytelling, workshops, theater, music ...).

Barrio Vidal library

The Municipal Public Library "Barrio Vidal" expanded its hours and activities in 2008, in an effort to promote reading and provide space for both information and leisure and culture, in the area of Vidal and in the up and coming neighborhoods like El Carmen, Pizarrales, Barrio Blanco and Capuchins.
The library has various sections: an adult section, children's section, music library, video library and archive.

Library bus

The Municipal Library offers a book lending service of through the library bus. It is a bus that comes every week to Salamanca and offers the possibility of taking books home.

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