Conocer el clima en Salamanca para las distintas estaciones del año Get to know the climate of salamanca for the different seasons of the year
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The climate of Salamanca

Located in central Spain, Salamanca has an extreme climate, for example, the temperature in summer is usually very high and the winter is severe and cold.

Throughout the summer we will see the best temperatures from the end of April until early September, sometimes managing to reach 40 degrees and sometimes, though unusually higher than 40º. The average is around 25º and 35º.

Precipitation in the city is minimal, however the sun, its counterpart, dominates many of the seasons. In autumn and spring you can experience warm temperatures, ideal to go walking and sightseeing.

From November to March you will notice how the temperature drops a lot and the cold weather takes over the city. The average temperature at these times is from 5° to 15°.

Here are the weather will do in Salamanca:

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