Las diferentes opciones para comunicarse desde Salamanca con cualquier parte del mundo Different communication options from Salamanca to anywhere in the world
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Comunication from Salamanca


To connect to free Internet, there are certain parts of the city where you can go, for example, in certain cafes in the centre, the Vialia railway station, in the shopping centre - El Tormes, Libraries...

If you prefer you can use an Internet cafe or locutorio where you have to pay a certain fee, depending on the place, to surf the Internet.


Generally, in an internet café "locutorio", you are also be able to receive and send things by fax, do photocopies and use computers with Internet.
These are a few internet cafes in the city:

For the use of mobiles, there are several shops where you can recharge your balance (depending on your company). You can also do this online, ATMs and even in some stores. If you want to use it for calls abroad you should contact your utility company to activate Roaming Service. Roaming service allows you to use your phone to send and receive calls, messages and data via GPRS from abroad (the GPRS service depends on the operator in the country where you are).

You can also use prepaid cards, a very cheap form and easy to use. You can buy them at any convenience store, some supermarkets and call centres.

Another way to communicate abroad is using an Internet connection with programs such as:

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