Cual es el tipo de sanidad que existe en España What type of health care exists in Spain
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The health service in Spain

Depending on the ownership of the services there are two types of health care in Spain: public health and private healthcare.

Depending on the place, there are two levels of care:
Primary Care: a team serves individuals, families and the community, carrying out activities of health promotion, prevention, cure and rehabilitation.
Specialised Care: additional assistance is carried out in hospitals and specific centres.

There are various types of hospitals. Type of assistance provided:

General Hospitals: which include various medical specialties, surgical or mixed with no clear predominance of any of them; the general law states that health should require a minimum of one in each health area.
Specialised hospitals: over 65% of its beds are for patients of one medical or surgical area alone, there are pediatric hospitals, and nursing homes... these hospitals serve more than one area of health.

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